Cpanel Server Management

Cpanel Server Management Cpanel is one of the best featured control panel. It has a wide range of options to customize the services. By default, it is tuned to work even on low resources hardware. So, there is a need for Server Optimization, Server security hardening and tweaking the cpanel settings to achieve best performance, allocation of hardware resources and secure environment to serve the websites. We at Server Management Admins, expertise on the combination of Cpanel (Control panel) with different linux operating systems. We help you to configure all the things on your Cpanel servers which you require for the webhosting business. Get subscribed now and enjoy the service.

Monthly – $30/Server

Semianually – Monitoring worth $60 FREE!!! – $180/Server

Anually – 15% off + Monitoring FREE!!! – $306/Server


Cpanel Server Management Plan Features

Operating Systems
– We manage all operating systems which supported by the Cpanel.
Unlimited Support Tickets
– You can open unlimited support requests until you are satisfied with the solution.
Unlimited Administration Time
– There will be no limitation on the administration time required for the task.
Initial Server Setup
– The server will setup with all basic configurations upon your requests.
Server Optimization
– The operating system and all the services will be optimized for the best performance.
Server Setup Includes
APF or CSF Firewall
MySQL optimization
Securing SSH Server
Securing and optimizing Apache Server
FTP Hardening
Sysctl.conf Hardening
Brute Force Detection
TMP Directory hardening
Disabling Dangerous PHP functions
and many more…
Server Migration
– We will help you to migrate accouts from remote to the managed server for free upto 200GB. Additional data migration will be chargeble.
Hack Recovery
– We will help to recover the data from hacked server by reloading the OS and restoring the data.
Backup Configuration
– We will configure daily or weekly or monthly backup on server depending on the availbale backup space. 
– You can consult our experts and get suggestions to fulfill the requirements.
Guaranteed Solution
– We guarantee that you will get parmenant solutions for any issue you are facing. 
3rd Party Applications
Config Server Firewall
Litespeed Webserver
Nginx Webserver
1H plugin
cPanel Varnish
and many more…