How to add timestamp in bash history in linux

The time stamp can be added to the bash history using the system variable "HISTTIMEFORMAT". Steps: Log into your server, then run: [crayon-5c942e7749094372333582/] The above command will work temporary and after you logged out, it will be flushed. To make these changes permanent, use below commands: [crayon-5c942e774909e789825930/] Once you changed…

How to fix RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported error

This error is displayed while restarting the network service in linux [crayon-5c942e77498e7970714924/] This error occurs when the iproute package gets upgraded to iproute-2.6.32-31.el6. To fix the issue, the iproute package should be downgraded to iproute-2.6.32-23.el6 package. Commands for 32-bit systems: [crayon-5c942e77498ef378974360/] Commands for 64-bit systems: [crayon-5c942e77498f3400030403/] That's it. Need help?…

How to fix ModSecurity: Multipart parsing error: Multipart: Failed to create file error

This error is logged in apache errorlog file. [crayon-5c942e7749c2a625800224/] Here's the main part of the error: [crayon-5c942e7749c34028204931/] Than means, Modsecurity is trying to access /root/tmp to process the temporary data which is not allowed for non root users. This error can be fixed by adding the below entries in modsecurity…

Setup public key authentication between two servers

To setup the public key authentication or key based authentication, lets assume first server as and the second server as Automated login from server1 to server2. On server1, generate the key pair: [crayon-5c942e7749f5b214867014/] By entering the command, below output will be generated: [crayon-5c942e7749f62641315034/] The private key and public…

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